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The Bigger Apple: City of New York Energy Map

Building on our work last year to deliver an Energy Map of the City of Boston, we figured we should demonstrate a little scalability and bite on something bigger. The result is our latest effort, the City of New York Energy Map that combines data from the PLUTO and LL84 disclosure reporting datasets and shows electricity, natural gas, oil, steam and water consumption for over 13,000 properties with a combined GSF of over 1.8 billion ft2. The data includes GHG emissions, and for most properties we're able to show trends since 2011.

With this latest effort, we'll be having conversations with other cities and towns throughout the U.S. with similar disclosure requirements and carbon reduction goals. We hope to show why we think AEI should be the provider of choice when it comes to delivering a holistic way to track and report on sustainability efforts with this versatile and intuitive framework. Size matters, and with the New York work we're pretty confident that we can deliver similar solutions for portfolios of any size in a robust, consistent and easy-to-use interface.

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TEC/RI Commercial & Industrial Seminar Series

Session 1: March 30th Managing Demand and Capacity Charges

Join AEI and come learn about why demand and capacity charges will be significantly higher this summer and what you can do about it. This seminar will provide an overview of National Grid’s Demand Response Incentive Program as well as ISO NE programs. This session will focus on peak load evaluation, avoiding installed capacity (ICAP) tags, and provide expert advice from energy advisors. One of Rhode Island’s leading manufacturers will describe how they managed their facility’s production to avoid significant demand charges. In addition, you'll learn about financing alternatives from C-PACE for your energy efficiency, renewables, and conservation projects.

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AEI at Defense Energy Summit

AEI presented a poster at the Defense Energy Summit 2013 in Austin TX.

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